Spliced Gaskets and Seals

Complex profiles

Let’s face it-  Sometimes, you need rubber gaskets that are so large or have such complex cross-sectional profiles that they simply cannot be molded.  Here at Rex-Hide, we can help you with this.  For several decades, we have produced and supplied custom extruded and splice-molded seals and gaskets to a diverse variety of customers in the United States and around the world. 


These include municipal and industrial infrastructure contractors for rubber seals used to join large-diameter water, sewer, natural gas, nuclear and industrial pipelines as well as manufacturers of garbage trucks, street sweepers, vacuum trucks, roll-off containers and storage/shipping containers.

Splice Molding

We also produce windshield gasket profiles, bus door seals, clamshell tank gaskets, inlet/outlet seals, debris tank seals and any other type of seal or gasket that can be extruded and splice molded, be it cold-bonded or hot-spliced.  Our presses will handle profile widths up to 18” wide and larger, as well as smaller profiles splice-molded several at a time in multi-cavity molds in order to increase efficiencies and keep prices low. 

In House Tooling

Our in-house tooling and mold-building capabilities allow us to provide you with competitive tooling prices and abbreviated delivery times and our chemists can develop rubber compounds to meet any special sealing requirements you may have.  All our products are manufactured right here in Tyler, Texas using raw materials sourced here in the United States, so you can be assured of the best possible product quality, shortest possible lead times and excellent customer service.

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