Storage Tank Seal

storage tanks seal

Since at least the early 1980s, Rex-Hide has been producing primary and secondary internal and external roof seals for floating roofs and foam dams used in aboveground petrochemical storage tanks built by many of the nation’s largest designers and installers of storage tank sealing systems. 

From our manufacturing facility centrally located in northeast Texas, we can easily service the chemical and oil and gas sectors located along the Gulf Coast and elsewhere throughout the United States with standard transit times of just a few days and expedited deliveries possible. 

Throughout the past several decades of expertly serving this market, our in-house chemists have stayed abreast of the latest advancements in rubber materials technology in order to continue meeting the evolving demands of our tank sealing systems customers across the US and abroad.   We offer a number of different seal tip and wiper tip profiles as standard products and can also help you develop your own custom products to meet your unique needs. 

  • Base Polymer – Nitrile Vinyl
  • Durometer 70-80
  • Elongation (%) min 250
  • Tensile 2031 psi
Tank seal wiper
P-Wiper Tip
Secondary Seal 5 inch

Duo Tip or E-Seal

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