Marine Rubber “D” Dock Bumper

rubber dock bumper

Our industrial extruded rubber dock “D” Bumper will keep marine craft and other equipment from being damaged. It protects both small vessels and larger industrial ones too. It has applications in both the marine and trucking industries. Extruded bumpers are made from heavy-duty rubber and provide a clean, smooth look to parking areas.

Keyhole BumperPart No.SizeBTHLength
Up To
2102243″3 1/8″11/16″2 7/8″50 Ft.
2102064″4 1/4″3/4″3 7/8″50 Ft.
31301642″2 1/4″1/2″2 1/8″50 Ft.
“D” BumperPart No.SizeBTHLength
Up To
2221014″4 7/16″1″3 7/8″50 Ft.
213010694 1/8″4 1/8″7/8″3 3/4″50 Ft.
2376596″6″1 1/2″6″50 Ft.
“D” BumperPart No.SizeBTHLength
Up To
2102054″4″3/4″3 7/8″50 Ft.
“3-D” BumperPart No.SizeBTHLength
Up To
2102297″7 3/8″5/16″3 7/8″50 Ft.
21301725″5″1/2″3 1/4″50 Ft.

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