Crown Bar Channel

crown bar channel

The Rex-Hide Advantage of our Crown Bar Channel Products

Most suppliers of crown bar channel still manufacture their products the old fashioned way of coiling the channels on round pans and vulcanizing in steam autoclaves. Thus the channel openings can be stuck and the product has a cured in curve. Both of these problems make it very difficult to install the channel over the bars. Some times the channel has to be taped down.

Rex-Hide Channel is vulcanized in a straight length on our continuous cure lines and coiled into a box on a rotating coil to ensure that our product has no kinks. Thus our channel openings are controlled and with no cured in curves, our channels can easily be installed saving time, frustration and labor costs.

70 Durometer 1,700 p.s.i. Tensile E.P.D.M. Rubber
Premium – 80 Durometer
100 FT/BOX **Packaged 50 FT/BOX. 100 FT. Minimum order per size
Sizes may be combined for price breaks.
Freight collect, F.O.B. Tyler, Texas : Minimum order of $200.00
Price subject to change without notice.

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