Rex-Hide Incorporated began by manufacturing shoe products and various molded goods in a small town in western Pennsylvania in 1917. During World War II, Rex-Hide was asked by a tire manufacturer to produce a “truck tire flap”, which is not the same as a mud flap. The tire flap is an integral part of a tube type truck tire and protects the tube from chafing, heat, and protrusion from the valve hole. Rex-Hide became the only independent producer of truck tire flaps in the United States and at the time marketed its product strictly to tire manufacturers. After 1960 most tire producers discontinued manufacturing their own flaps and began relying exclusively on Rex-Hide. Rex-Hide now sells not only to tire companies but to the defense industry and antique car dealers around the world.
In the 1970’s Rex-Hide was asked by the major tire companies to consider a second plant operation. In 1974, Rex-Hide purchased the plant in Tyler, Texas, which was formerly owned by the Richardson Company, a manufacturer of hard rubber case battery boxes. Rex-Hide purchased another plant in West Virginia in 1976 and subsequently closed the Pennsylvania operation, In 1977, corporate offices were moved to the Tyler, Texas location.
The facilities in Tyler, Texas were ideally suited for the production of other rubber goods and since the truck tire flap is an extruded product, it was decided to develop the custom extruded market from the Texas plant. All of the flap production was transferred to the Grafton plant. The Tyler facility is equipped with the latest technological advances in extrusion, utilizing a pin barrel extruder in conjunction with a laser beam size control and microwave curing as well as continuous cutters and packagers. Secondary operations, such as butt splicing, corner molding, punching and form curing is also available. These capabilities, along with conventional autoclave curing equipment makes us competitive in all phases of the extrusion market except those of extremely small cross-section and those requiring wire carriers or adhesive backing.

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