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Snow Plow


Rubber Snow Plow Blades

In almost every plowing application, Rex-Hide Rubber SnowPlow Blades are the best choice. They are flexible so they conform to road surfaces for clean snow removal. They will not gouge expensive road surfaces. They operate smoothly on high-speed runs and they will not tear up or damage raised reflective highway markers.

Rex-Hide Rubber Snowplow Blades are designed to fit all types of equipment that use a steel blade: straight plows, v-plows, jeep-type plows, under-mounted plows and scraper blades. They perform effectively on streets, parking lots, airport runways, and even walkways. Rubber Snowplow Blades offer six [6] advantages over steel blades.

1. Longer Lasting: They are made of a high quality resilient compound [See Compound Characteristics] that shows little sign of wear after many hours of use. They will often outlast steel blades as much as 4 to 1.
2. No Gouging: They adjust easily to road surface irregularities without gouging asphalt, concrete or tar-gravel surfaces. They also ride easily over pavement markers.
3. Quick, Clean Removal:  Rubber Snowplow Blades bite right through heavy snow, light blowing snow, or slush to “Squeegee” surfaces clean.
4. Safe High-Speed Runs: They glide over most road surfaces obstructions for fast, damage-free snow removal.  This allows highway and airport maintenance crews to clear highways and runways in the shortest possible time.
5. Less Equipment Shock: Rubber SnowPlow Blades tend to absorb impact shock so less shock is transmitted to other parts of the snowplow mechanism & operator.
6. Lower Maintenance Costs:  Because Rubber SnowPlow Blades need replacement less often and reduce shock to equipment, fewer man hours and less downtime are involved. 

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