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Stock Products


Skirtboard - Made in the USA

Skirtboard customers require high abrasion and tensile strength for their rubber compounds. These compounds are formulated to last and perform well during the life of the product. See how our specifications can outperform the competition.


Snow Plow Blades

In almost every plowing application, Rex-Hide Rubber Snow Plow Blades are the best choice. See how our rubber blades offer six advantages over steel blades.

Glass Rack T-Pads

Our glass rack T-Pads are generally used in the transportation of large sheets of glass. The "T" design keeps the sheets from touching each other or other objects during transportation.

Garbage Truck

Rubber Seal Systems

We have a variety of options for providing you with custom rubber sealing systems for garbage trucks or waste collection vehicles.

Marine "D" Bumper

Our industrial marine "D" Bumper will keep marine craft and other equipment from being damaged. It protects both small vessels and larger industrial ones too. It has applications in both the marine and trucking industries.

Crown Bar Channel

Rex-Hide Channel is vulcanized in a straight length on our continuous cure lines and coiled into a box on a rotating coil to ensure that our product has no kinks. Thus our channel openings are controlled and with no cured in curves, our channels can easily be installed saving time, frustration and labor costs.