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Custom Engineering

Take your idea and make it a reality by letting our engineering professionals design, test and produce your custom extrusion. We have the in-house mixing capability to formulate the precise compound needed for your application. Review our capabilities to see how we can be your engineering resource.


3 Extruders ranging from 3-1/2 to 6 Inch.

Compounds: Dense Rubber - SBR, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Polyisoprene, & silicone. For high volume (5M+ lbs.) applications only: Butyl, Hypalon, & Epichlorohydrin.
Closed Cell SPONGE - Neoprene, EPDM, & silicone.
Durometers: 30 - 90 Shore A depending on compound
Colors: Primarily black: some gray, yellow and other colors
Solid Profiles: From 0.5" square to 8" square up to 14 lb./ft.
Other profiles: Up to 4" high x 18" wide
Tubing OD's from .125" up to 7.0". Minimum wall of .040"
Curing Processes:
Microwave -- Continuous in-line curing with Laser Control System. "Clean" Profiles with slight markings from conveyor belt on one surface. Unlimited lengths available - depending on profile and packaging.
Steam -- 6" Cold feed Extruder for Large Parts up to 55 ft. long & 14 lb./ft. Profiles may have slight evidence of white talc on them due to handling.
Salt -- Continuous in-line curing for small to wide parts with no marking on extrusions & round tubing. Also capable of color extrusions.
Quantities: In general, a larger volume manufacturer. Minimum quantities will be identified based on profile size, compound selection, and processing equipment required.

Internal Mixing

Rex-Hide Industries has total "in-house" rubber mixing capability. This shortens our leadtime for extrusions and provides emergency service when needed. Computer controls reduce variability resulting in the most consistent compounds available today.

Our testing laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment which utilizes advanced software applications. Networks gather data critical to our technical staff and successful compound mixing.

Additional Notes

Other Capabilities: Splicing and Corner Molding, Form Curing, Cutting-to-length, Angle cuts, Hole Punching plus other secondary operations.
"Not a Good Fit": Thermoplastics (Flexible PVC, Santoprene), Dual Durometers, fabric/metal reinforced hoses.
Zumbach Laser Control Laser control and measurement systems from Zumbach ensure that our extrusions fall between very small tolerances. The system connects directly with the extrusion machine to control the speed of the rubber extrusion. This system increases productivity and ensures tight tolerences.

EDM Machine


Our EDM machine allows us to cut our own custom dies for your rubber parts. This cuts down on turn around time and eliminates the middle man saving you time and money.